Trash Wednesday, led by the British-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Kid Tarri, sold thousands of copies of their debut, Absinthe Mind which landed at #1 on the CMJ Radio Charts. Dynamic live performers, Trash Wednesday has opened eyes and ears across the globe - at home on stadium stages in Europe as they are in the confines of their adopted town at Cafe Largo. Wherever they go they've left a profound impression.
The restless, colorful Absinthe Mind revealed why this independent band has been so successful in connecting with audiences. An explosion of power-pop, the album is ten hyper-caffeinated tracks bursting with harmonies and countermelodies, buzz-saw guitar riffs, and enough quirky experimentation that justifies Trash Wednesday's reputation as a true original. Most of the songs on Absinthe Mind address the ephemerality of love and the dangerous lure of the superficial, and all are sung from the persective of musicians familiar with the best and worst of rock and roll culture. However, lead-singer and songwriter Kid Tarri proves he can step back from the maelstrom and deliver a thoughtful biographical account, too - closing song "Stop Tina Modotti" is a remarkably nuanced treatment of the life and times of the near-mythical photographer and leftist revolutionary.
Like many power-pop musicians, Trash Wednesday are drawn to Lennon/McCartney compositions. The choice of a Beatles cover, however, speak about their priorities: choosing to take on "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", their most ostensibly trippy number. How today can a band preserve the experimental and slightly destabilizing feel of a song over forty years old? Trash Wednesday rises to the challenge by pushing the beat and guitar riff into overdrive - and by inserting unexpected pauses into the story. Some world-famous words are omitted altogether; the singer witholds them playfully, teasing the listener with fake applause before the band launches into a roaring appendix of their own invention.
Along with scoring a #1 Single at Specialty Radio nationwide, the video for Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds burst onto MTV and Fuse TV along with 76 other major, national, and regional video shows across the country with 37 reporting adds in the first week. This was followed by a year of extensive touring and media interviews, including becoming ManiaTV's MySpace Artist of the Day. 
Since the debut of Absinthe Mind, Trash Wednesday has released subsequent records including the Live from Lisbon release "Don't Break The Barbie" which enjoyed a two weeks long #1 status on iTunes and a series of successful singles and global tours. Stay tuned for a special anniversary edition (with previously unreleased bonus tracks) of Absinthe Mind to drop late 2020.


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